Microsoft-Centric Data Center Specialists
KKworx offers you support for your Microsoft-centric data center. Our intelligent, business-centric approach allows you to meet changing business needs by doing more with what you have.

IT departments face constant pressure to adapt to new business demands while managing day-to-day operations. With the fast pace of technological change, data centers are expanding and becoming increasingly complicated. Through strategic system analysis and intelligent planning, KKworx’s unique approach seeks to simplify Microsoft-centric data center environments. Our design recommendations, based on Microsoft standards, optimize your operations by providing a highly manageable, streamlined system that makes good business sense for today and your future objectives.

Microsoft Server and Infrastructure
  • Cloud based server management, Microsoft Azure
  • On-Premise server management, Microsoft Active Directory, security management and analysis
  • On-Premise Microsoft email solution, Microsoft Exchange
  • Remote mobile or PC app integration with On-Premise or cloud-based infrastructure

Microsoft Active Directory
  • AD infrastructure setup
  • AD infrastructure replication health check
  • Domain Controller design and build-up
  • Group policy design, deployment, and management
  • AD organizational unit design and structuring
  • AD cross-domain or cross-forest trust design and deployment
  • AD parent and child domain design and deployment
  • User account and group management

Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • Remote desktop service licensing setup and deployment
  • Remote desktop server application setup and deployment

Microsoft Workstation
  • PC deployment and software/hardware maintenance
  • PC application support

Microsoft Patch Management
  • WSUS (Windows Server Update Service) server setup and deployment
  • Patch products and classifications setup
  • Patch management deployment via Group Policy

File and Print Server Management
  • Directory creation, organization, and permission management
  • Printer setup, print server creation and management

Microsoft Exchange
  • Inbound / outbound email setup
  • Remote email access setup (Outlook Anywhere, Outlook Web Access, Exchange ActiveSync for mobile devices)
  • Email anti-spam and anti-virus protection with external 3rd party email filtering devices
  • Outlook client setup and configuration

Microsoft DNS
  • DNS setup alongside
  • Active Directory infrastructure
  • Split-DNS setup
  • DNS forwarding

Microsoft WINS
  • WINS infrastructure design
  • WINS replication setup

Microsoft Cloud
  • Business Continuity Planning & Deployment:
  • Cloud based backup solutions
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Exchange Online

Let KKworx business-centric solutions help your Microsoft-centric Data Center to increase productivity and efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance business resiliency and agility.

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